I heart faces: Family Fun Challenge

Well here goes nothing...I havent entered a challenge in a long time but decided im gonna star back up because I have alot of things im challenging myself to thid year....this photo isn't the most technically sound and perfect photo but it is an incredable picture of my family having fun together going n a road trip for the first time in YEARS! So I couldn't pass it up. its been a hard year and I thought it fitting to end out  the year on a great note of famil, fun, and excitment! enjoy!
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God Bless!!!


I Heart Faces Challenge: Mellow Yellow

I love this theme!!!! Ive been doing a different color theme every week for my photo of the day till I finish all colors of the rainbow and it has been a blast =) so it just happens to be yellow week and I couldnt of had a more perfect picture than this one! the colors our all so vivid and the yellow is the star next to the baby bump of course lol...anyway I hope you love it as much as I do and I realllllly hope i win!!! <3 Have a fabulous yellow tuesday my friends....smile the sun is shining and God is good =)

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I heart faces: Flower Challenge

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I Heart Faces: May Flowers

I love to take pictures of anything nature especially flowers . the sheer beauty of Gods creation takes my breath away. How could he put so many beautiful things on one earth and each one be entirely unique. Each time I see a new amazing never seen (by me anyway) beforeflower and go crazy taking pictures up pops another gorgeous master piece.....no jewelry will ever outdo the pure beauty in a one of a kind masterpiece created by the master above. He continually out does himself and i will forever be awestruck by the intracite, delicate sheer detail put into each one of these flowers we haere on earth have the pleasure of enjoying.
Now that ive gone on and on please enjoy this picture that i can only but try to catch the perfection and beauty in this mastwepiece made by God himself and I just have the honor of photographing it.

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I Heart faces: Wind

wind is always hard to photograph in, stray hairs. blown up dresses you name it.....props flying everywhenre. lol...im sure every photographer knows what im talking about but un-staged photo's always make the best and at rockaway beach in Pacifica, Ca for a memorial for my dad (his fav place to take us growing up)we braved the freezing cold wind and even some rain later on to say goodbye to my dear friend, greatest grandpa, and wonderful dad and caught the most awesome picture of my son literally flying in the wind with just the bars to hold him down lol. Hair flying, rock sign, and feeling like a super hero for about 4.5 seconds. an absolutely AMAZING day! =) enjoy and please leave a comment i love to hear feedback!

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I Heart Faces: Shadows

I would love to shoot at night but cant ever seem to find the right setting that makes me happy I end up irratated and with a chip full of garbage lol.........so on this paticular night if was super foggy and the lights were right where i needed it! I just happen to catch my husband leaned up against the tree and the shot I ended up with was amazing!!! I am so proud of this shot for many reasons but the main ine is that I was able to get a great shot at night which is so hard!! and my hubby looked pretty amazing too...i love him with all my heart <3 thanks babii for putting up with all my constant dragging you around to try out new things. i love you <3 Also, I love to hear feedback please leave a comment if you stop by they really make my day =)!

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I heart Faces: Photo Challenge | Sun Flare

amateurs worry about equipment,

professionals worry about money,

masters worry about light,

I just take pictures...

- Vernon Trent
SunFlares Bring a whole different element to a picture.....it can make all the difference in a good picture and an incredible picture..

We decided on a beautiful sunny afternoon to introduce our beautiful niece to the lake for a piknick and her very first dip in the water...needless to say she LOVED every minute of being out there and of course i brought my camera to document her adorable exploration of everything which resulted in the perfect picture of squishie (our nicknme) wearing her beach hat, sitting in the sand and the absolute PERFECT sunflare!!! A very wonderful day in all! You just cant not smile when you look at the picture! I would love to read your comments if you stop by...visitors are so very welcomed!!! <3<3<3

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I Heart faces "Cell Phone Pix" Contest

So The contest this week is asking for pix takin with our cell phones and what better picture than the all time favorite "self portrait photo" with the cellphone. =).....everyone I know loves to take pix of themselves with there cellphones and almost always use them for profile photos lol...sooooooooo from my collection of self portraits from my cellphone here it is!
Enjoy! There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer.

Ansel Adams

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