Yes, another contest entered lol =))

IHF Girlfriends contest.....my entry:

Just love it =) makes me smile every time I look at it! We always have a great time together! Luv u sis <3


I Heart Faces: Texture Challenge

I'm learning so much from I Heart Faces! Here is my entry =)....I love the texture of her blanket! Enjoy!


I Heart Faces "We Are Family" weekly photo challenge.

I'm really excited about entering my first weekly I Heart Faces Challenge! This week is "We are Family" and I was looking through my photos to decide when I came across the one I took of my family recently. We had the whole family from my mom all the way down to the youngest grandchild. It was a bittersweet shoot as my father had recently passed away and we all were able to share memories, laugh and cry. But in the end we came out with a beautiful photo that I was able to give my mom all framed up for christmas and when she opened it she cried it made her heart so full! So I didn't have any other choice but to use this one clearly =)! Enjoy
Taberah Spiers


What is a "professional" Photographer anyway?

This is something i've been asking myself alot lately. My "business" decided to help itself take off about april of last year because you see I have only been what you would call a hobby photographer for the last 15 years. It all started when a friend asked me if I could do a graduation session and I complied. I didn't realize by doing that, that it would ignite this business called "taberah spiers photography". I wasn't even prepared at all for the flood of sessions that followed but I was sooo excited! I didn't know if my lighting was right, or if the pixels would be what was nescesary to print out large pictures, I didn't know if when the customer printed out the pics they would look "professional". It all felt very foreign to me. So I decided that I had been taking pics since I was 15 and I'm just gonna do what feels good and guess what?...I haven't looked back, I don't measure myself to other photographers I just simply do what comes natural...I use my camera to take pictures of what I see in my mind like an artist painting a beautiful portrait on a canvas and pray that it will show through my photos. So the question stands am I a "professional" photographer and I think my answer to that is....no. Im a heart and soul photographer that takes "professional" pictures. It is a life and love filled passion and in my personal, professional ;) opinion thats the best kind to be. Dont worry about what kind of camera you have, I don't even own a dslr yet and I think my photos are just fine, don't base your style on other peoples way of shooting, look within yourself and find your own! Trust me you give that creative, passionate drive the reigns and you'll be looking back months later thinking wow, I really did find mysef and well yes Im truly one of a kind & unique. <3