I just love smile pics there so contagious! you just find yourself smiling when looking at them! I had such a hard time choosing a "smiley" pic....so many adorable ones but alas it came down to this one...such a sweet face, beautiful eyes and adorable smile!

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I heart faces- week 16 "Collages" challenge

So while I was preparing for this challenge I was having the hardest time deciding on what to do and which one to pick. I really, really, really wanna make it in to the top10 this week so it had to be perfect lol! Soooooo this is what I chose a collage I made for a silent auction project of my lil beautiful preschool kiddoes and it has such specal meaning along with 2 others because these are what kicked my butt out of being a "closet photographer" once I did this everyone started asking about pcs and the career starting blossoming like mad and im so thankful I did this and where its brought me =)
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I ♥ Faces: I ♥ Desserts Challenge =9

I ♥ Faces: I ♥ Yummy Desserts Challenge =9

Im definately not a baker but I sure love to take pictures of yummy treats I get to eat! I love the colors as much as I loved the cupcake lol...this was taken at birthday party for my kids....Enjoy =)

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