Announcements and Changes

hey folks just a few things:

#1: I will be closing down for the month of January 2011 (unless a job comes up I just cant refuse lol like an event or a wedding) but I'm taking the time to to do alot of revamping and changing to a different format of business.

#2: im out of town from Dec 2nd - Dec 12th I will be in florida and the bahamas yay!

#3: i have 2 spots left for shoots in november if your wanting full sessions =) email- taberahspiers_photography@yahoo.com, leave a message here (privately preferably thru the send a message tab) or text/call my phone 9162893661

#4 monday the 29th and tuesday the 30th im going to be offering 4 appointments per each of those dates. The session will be $30 at 1 location of your choice with 3 pose options. it will be a 20 minute session and you will recieve 5-8 pics on a cd edited and ready for printing. hurry and book they will be gone fast!(there is only a couple appointments left)‎(the idea is to get a GREAT christmas pic an affordable price that is 100x better than walmart =D)

#5 prices change as of february 2011 and also lots of other things

#6 You can now pay your deposits and/or full sessions over @ www.taberahspiersphotography.com check it out!!!!!!

and lastly but HUGELY:

#7 I want to do a wedding!!! I need one for my portfolio so who ever emails me there stories and is picked by (random draw) as #1 will get a killer deal (so not free but pretty darn close lol). I am now opening the "lines" so to speak.email me all your info taberahspiers_photography@yahoo.com goodluck friends! tell EVERYONE you know that is getting married ♥ I can't wait!

ps. you do kinda have to live in this area for the wedding but if you dont and you just love me that much LOL you will have to pay all travel expenses and ill come to you!.......cuz i really wouldnt mind traveling at all ;)

Hope you took the time to read all items and im excited about all the possibilities =)

Much <3~ Taberah Spiers

I Heart Faces: Scenic Black N White

I love black and white anything when it comes to pictures....always timeless and classy =) took me a bit to choose but when it came down to it this was the one that kept coming back <3 I hope you enjoy it as much I do......This sweet lil family with there puppy emma enjoying the view.....

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I Heart Faces: Paper

I dont know if this will count as one picture I tried to stich it together to make it one but anyhow I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.......this is an army couple who were having twins and the due date was within days of daddy leaving for deployment....well guess what......SHE HAD THEM IN TIME FOR HIM TO BE HERE YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love happy endings =)

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mysterious white substance =p

Practice at Cowboy Stadium was delayed two hours this morning after a player reported finding a white powdery substance on the ground.After a complete analysis, Dallas police forensic experts determined that the white substance unfamiliar to most players was the goal line. Practice will resume this afternoon after police decided the..team was unlikely to encounter the substance again.''