I heart faces- week 16 "Collages" challenge

So while I was preparing for this challenge I was having the hardest time deciding on what to do and which one to pick. I really, really, really wanna make it in to the top10 this week so it had to be perfect lol! Soooooo this is what I chose a collage I made for a silent auction project of my lil beautiful preschool kiddoes and it has such specal meaning along with 2 others because these are what kicked my butt out of being a "closet photographer" once I did this everyone started asking about pcs and the career starting blossoming like mad and im so thankful I did this and where its brought me =)
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  1. This is amazing! I love that all your hard work paid off with the making of this collage. It is so cool because even though it doesn't show everyone's entire face, you can still see their personalities. Such a creative take on a preschool collage!