I Heart Faces: Pet faces

I love taking pix of animals especially ones who do crazy stuff lol but i decided on this one cuz of how gorgeous the eyes were...you cant take your eyes off them lol.....just an adorable dog....please enjoy and leave a comment if you stop by i love to hear feedback =)

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Announcements and Changes

hey folks just a few things:

#1: I will be closing down for the month of January 2011 (unless a job comes up I just cant refuse lol like an event or a wedding) but I'm taking the time to to do alot of revamping and changing to a different format of business.

#2: im out of town from Dec 2nd - Dec 12th I will be in florida and the bahamas yay!

#3: i have 2 spots left for shoots in november if your wanting full sessions =) email- taberahspiers_photography@yahoo.com, leave a message here (privately preferably thru the send a message tab) or text/call my phone 9162893661

#4 monday the 29th and tuesday the 30th im going to be offering 4 appointments per each of those dates. The session will be $30 at 1 location of your choice with 3 pose options. it will be a 20 minute session and you will recieve 5-8 pics on a cd edited and ready for printing. hurry and book they will be gone fast!(there is only a couple appointments left)‎(the idea is to get a GREAT christmas pic an affordable price that is 100x better than walmart =D)

#5 prices change as of february 2011 and also lots of other things

#6 You can now pay your deposits and/or full sessions over @ www.taberahspiersphotography.com check it out!!!!!!

and lastly but HUGELY:

#7 I want to do a wedding!!! I need one for my portfolio so who ever emails me there stories and is picked by (random draw) as #1 will get a killer deal (so not free but pretty darn close lol). I am now opening the "lines" so to speak.email me all your info taberahspiers_photography@yahoo.com goodluck friends! tell EVERYONE you know that is getting married ♥ I can't wait!

ps. you do kinda have to live in this area for the wedding but if you dont and you just love me that much LOL you will have to pay all travel expenses and ill come to you!.......cuz i really wouldnt mind traveling at all ;)

Hope you took the time to read all items and im excited about all the possibilities =)

Much <3~ Taberah Spiers

I Heart Faces: Scenic Black N White

I love black and white anything when it comes to pictures....always timeless and classy =) took me a bit to choose but when it came down to it this was the one that kept coming back <3 I hope you enjoy it as much I do......This sweet lil family with there puppy emma enjoying the view.....

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I Heart Faces: Paper

I dont know if this will count as one picture I tried to stich it together to make it one but anyhow I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.......this is an army couple who were having twins and the due date was within days of daddy leaving for deployment....well guess what......SHE HAD THEM IN TIME FOR HIM TO BE HERE YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love happy endings =)

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mysterious white substance =p

Practice at Cowboy Stadium was delayed two hours this morning after a player reported finding a white powdery substance on the ground.After a complete analysis, Dallas police forensic experts determined that the white substance unfamiliar to most players was the goal line. Practice will resume this afternoon after police decided the..team was unlikely to encounter the substance again.''



Cute dog prays before he eats.

I LOVVVVVVVVVVVVVE this so darn adorable!!!!! just absolutely abdorably! i cant stand how cute it is <3.......enjoy it!!!! i love it!!!!!!


I Heart faces: Smirk photo challenge

I love catching a good smirk unexpected and so when the announcement came for this weeks theme i didn;t have to look far cause I already knew exactly which one I wanted to use lol
soooooooooooo the story is i was on a "trash the dress session" and my husband had to be my helper that day well we didn't need the "slip" right away so I sent him to the car to get it while I was snapping away only to have my model bust out laughing hysterically and this is what I found when I turned around! omg! we couldn't stop laughing and i couldn't believe he POSED for me! hahaha i will forever love this picture and keep it as a reminder that my husband really loves to play dress up inside that big masculine, hairy faced, body of his!!!!hahahahahaaha....enjoy...

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smirky pix at


I Heart faces: Beach Challenge

So I took this about 2 or 3 weeks ago....we just decided to take a day trip to the ocean. It was so incredably needed! Beautiful weather, sandy beaches, laughing kids = The best kind of day trips and some pretty darn great pictures.....than last week my 10 yr old son Tristan was hit by a car ='( and was lucky to come out with mainly scrapes, bruises and a concussion. But as i was looking for which photo to use I saw this one and it reminded me how much i love my kids and how close I came to losing one last week and it scares the crap out of me =(. I don't ever want to take anything for granted again especially my beautiful children. and it also just reminds me why I love photography so much and why I take a gazillion pictures of them and will continue to do so. This picture is how i want my kids to remember there childhood loving, carefree and full of life!
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I heart faces: "Got to wear SHADES"

Decided to do a self portrait this week =).....a lil hard for me so be kind lol! Hope you enjoy!!

ps...yes I did mean to be serious....tryn to look bad ;p

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I Heart Faces: PuRpLe challenge!!

Purple is my fav color! I was super excited about this challenge just because I get to use it!! =) lol....i just love how you can see the love all over this daddies face for his lil girl....this is why i love being a photographer because I get to catch tender special moments like these =)

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simplicity photo challenge: {white}

Another new photochallenge! im excited to be finding all these! wooohooo! Here's my "white" entry....just love the simplicity of this photo...a whole story with just feet =)

Landscape Challenge~ In a Yellow House

Trying out a new photo challenge =) the theme is landscapes and I new I just had to use this one! th landscape is simply breathtaking! enjoy =)
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Shutter Love Tuesdays {faces}

This is my sweet baby niece being her usuall adorable self =)...and we got the teeth! =) One of my favs for sure!
And my beautiful baby girl......cant get any more gorgeous than this <3

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I Heart Faces: "Over my head Challenge"

Took this pic of some very fun young ladies...just absolutely love the sky "over there head" ;)
Have a beautiful day folks!
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HUGE Givaway going on....read on to find out!

Hey Photog friends.You like to win stuff? How bout really awesome photography stuff for FREE!!!!! Well Checkout the give away & sale going on over @ http://www.soulographer.com/blog/ and http://florabellacollection.com/blog/ !!!! or this link will get you there too http://www.theworkshopworkbook.com/ or this is one to @ work of heart photography.....check it out quick it ends tonight!! =) You guys rock for putting this on!!!!! much ♥ Taberah S.


I heart faces: Pets Challenge

Scheming lil kitty.....what on earth can I take over....LOL

Animals are almost as fun as people to photograph! Hope you enjoy my pix....


I ♥ Faces: Oh Baby challenge!

I love taking pix of babies and children they are probably my favorite! This is a dear friends lil girl and we had a blast getting all these pix done but this one is my favorite....♥

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I heart faces: Play Challenge

For this challenge I thought what better pc than playing in the water with summer right on our heels, O to be little again and even the sky looks awesome lol....Enjoy!!

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I heart faces: faces & flowers

I love photographing faces and I love photographing flowers so how much more perfect can you get than the 2 in the same pic!!!! and than my choice was perfectly clear as to whch photo I woud use....so I hope you enjoy it as much as I do....the daddy of this lil beauty stated when he saw this pic " She's NEVER going to highschool!" LoL! enjoy!

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I just love smile pics there so contagious! you just find yourself smiling when looking at them! I had such a hard time choosing a "smiley" pic....so many adorable ones but alas it came down to this one...such a sweet face, beautiful eyes and adorable smile!

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I heart faces- week 16 "Collages" challenge

So while I was preparing for this challenge I was having the hardest time deciding on what to do and which one to pick. I really, really, really wanna make it in to the top10 this week so it had to be perfect lol! Soooooo this is what I chose a collage I made for a silent auction project of my lil beautiful preschool kiddoes and it has such specal meaning along with 2 others because these are what kicked my butt out of being a "closet photographer" once I did this everyone started asking about pcs and the career starting blossoming like mad and im so thankful I did this and where its brought me =)
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I ♥ Faces: I ♥ Desserts Challenge =9

I ♥ Faces: I ♥ Yummy Desserts Challenge =9

Im definately not a baker but I sure love to take pictures of yummy treats I get to eat! I love the colors as much as I loved the cupcake lol...this was taken at birthday party for my kids....Enjoy =)

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I {heart} faces: Dramatic blackNwhite challenge

I just absolutely love black n white photography....classic, timeless, you can always see strait to the soul...I chose this pic for the whole dramatic feel....This is my absolute fav bass player of all time John! He's just wow! lol and I feel pretty lucky to have gotten such an amazing shot =)...Let me know what you think...

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"A Creed for the Dscouraged"

I believe that God created me to be happy, to enjoy the blessings of life, to be useful to my fellow-beings, and an honor to my country.

I believe that the trials which beset me today are but the fiery test by which my character is strengthened, ennobled and made worthy to enjoy the higher things of life, which I believe are in store for me.

I believe that my soul is too grand to be crushed by defeat; I will rise above it.

I believe that I am the architect of my fate; therefore, I will be master of circumstances and surroundings, not their slave.

I will not yield to discouragements, I will trample them under foot and make them serve as stepping-stones to success. I will conquer my obstacles and turn them into opportunities.

My failures of today will help to guide me on to victory on the morrow.

The morrow will bring new strength, new hopes, new opportunities and new beginnings. I will be ready to meet it with a brave heart, a calm mind and an undaunted spirit.

In all things I will do my best, and leave the rest to the Infinite.

I will not waste my mental energies by useless worry. I will learn to dominate my restless thoughts and look on the bright side of things.

I will face the world bravely; I will not be a coward. I will assert my God-given talent and be a better person in all I do. For I am Immortal and nothing can overcome me.
~Virginia Opal Myers~


I Heart Faces: "Angles" Challenge!

ok so I lovvvvvveeee shooting in different angles! Its definately one of my signatures when doing a session. you can count on there being lots of different angles shot during your session so here is one of my favs! Enjoy
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I Heart Faces: Bundled up challenge!

Here is my entry....... I love this one so much! Hope you all enjoy it too!

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I Heart Faces: Jump for Joy!! Challenge

I felt so lucky to get this shot =)....This is a set of granchildren to some of my fav people in the whole world! a very wonderful family! Hope you enjoy it!


I Heart Faces: Hilarious Outtakes....

Here are my entries for I heart faces: hilarious outtakes =)...Enjoy!!

entry 1: Doggy wanted a kiss too!

Entry 2: taking pics of my niece recently...she didn't like the slide lol

Entry 3: a friend of mine was taking pics of the golden gate and got soaked by this rouge wave lol..im glad I caught it!

Entry 4: My boys didn't know I was still snappin away =)..lol

Entry 5: On a very long road trip we were super bored and ended up havng a lot of fun makin weird faces...heres one of many....we laughed like crazy

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