I Heart faces: Smirk photo challenge

I love catching a good smirk unexpected and so when the announcement came for this weeks theme i didn;t have to look far cause I already knew exactly which one I wanted to use lol
soooooooooooo the story is i was on a "trash the dress session" and my husband had to be my helper that day well we didn't need the "slip" right away so I sent him to the car to get it while I was snapping away only to have my model bust out laughing hysterically and this is what I found when I turned around! omg! we couldn't stop laughing and i couldn't believe he POSED for me! hahaha i will forever love this picture and keep it as a reminder that my husband really loves to play dress up inside that big masculine, hairy faced, body of his!!!!hahahahahaaha....enjoy...

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  1. LOL! Hysterical! Simply hysterical! I'd love to know the story behind this. :)

  2. thanks meg =)...i edited the post and added the story hope you enjoy it =)!!!!!!!! it was as hysterical as it looks for sure!! thanks for stoppn by <3