I Heart Faces: Shadows

I would love to shoot at night but cant ever seem to find the right setting that makes me happy I end up irratated and with a chip full of garbage lol.........so on this paticular night if was super foggy and the lights were right where i needed it! I just happen to catch my husband leaned up against the tree and the shot I ended up with was amazing!!! I am so proud of this shot for many reasons but the main ine is that I was able to get a great shot at night which is so hard!! and my hubby looked pretty amazing too...i love him with all my heart <3 thanks babii for putting up with all my constant dragging you around to try out new things. i love you <3 Also, I love to hear feedback please leave a comment if you stop by they really make my day =)!

       This photo was entered into the I Heart Faces photo challenge – http://iheartfaces.com

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  1. Beautiful image! Sets such a wonderful mood! Good luck.
    ~Tirzah~ http://tirzahmichalphotography.wordpress.com

  2. Beautiful photo! It has a mysterious feeling. I am going to have to try some foggy night shots.

  3. Wow! Love the tones and colors in this, very cool.


  4. Thank-you everyone :) I just absolutely love this picture. I couldn't believe how much fun I had shooting in the fog.....I had no idea how amazing they would turn out. I can't wait for the next foggy night lol...and thanks all for the good luck it would be a blast to win this time lol I know we all feel that way but soon it will happen!