I heart faces: Flower Challenge

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I Heart Faces: May Flowers

I love to take pictures of anything nature especially flowers . the sheer beauty of Gods creation takes my breath away. How could he put so many beautiful things on one earth and each one be entirely unique. Each time I see a new amazing never seen (by me anyway) beforeflower and go crazy taking pictures up pops another gorgeous master piece.....no jewelry will ever outdo the pure beauty in a one of a kind masterpiece created by the master above. He continually out does himself and i will forever be awestruck by the intracite, delicate sheer detail put into each one of these flowers we haere on earth have the pleasure of enjoying.
Now that ive gone on and on please enjoy this picture that i can only but try to catch the perfection and beauty in this mastwepiece made by God himself and I just have the honor of photographing it.

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